BG Bestie

The Top 10 Reasons to be a ‘BG Bestie’ 


 When you shop with us all of these exclusive offers are available to you!!  Shop now and become a BG Bestie instantly!!


1. $50 for your Birthday! You get a $50 voucher in the month of your birthday. 

Simply email with your first name, last name, postcode and Birthday month.




2. Fabulous Fitters! We have some of the best Fitters going around who understand all different shapes and sizes and just want for you to feel fabulous every day! You can get fitted in-store, over the phone or via a Virtual Fitting appointment.




3. Flexibility - You can shop with us in store or online. 



4. We listen. We’re doing everything we can to make your experience in buying lingerie and swimwear painless. Sure, sometimes we get things wrong, we’re only human, but we certainly try our best to make sure you’re getting the best. 




5. We have a huge range! We have over 270 sizes!  Too many styles to count and all Bras are under $99.95!!



6. Competitions and Giveaways! We love to ‘Share the Love’ which is why we’re often doing competitions and giveaways which not only give wonderful goodies to our Besties, we love to support Small Businesses in the process.




7. When we say sale, we mean SALE! That’s right, when we have a SALE we have a SALE, that’s what Sharing the Love is all about! We send you via email all the details before anyone else knows! 

Make sure you check out Junk Mail Folder incase it goes there too.





8. Quality! We only stock the most gorgeous, supportive and most importantly, Quality, items to ensure you know you’re getting the best. 




 9. Lingerie and Swim. We’re not just about making sure your underwear is right, we’re about making you feel AH-MAZING at the beach or pool too by ensuring we stock a wide range of sizes in swimwear also. 



10. We love it when you Share the Love too! We love to see you in, or the photos you take of, your new purchases and we love to share the love back to you by featuring you on our social media pages too!